Research & Development

We are in the process of implementing a college-wide strategic plan for research by building interdisciplinary research collaborations that address societal needs and by increasing the impact and prominence of our research. The college will collaborate with other leading institutions to invest in research initiatives, promote research among sponsors, and provide services that ensure that the college rightfully earns a place in ethical standards in research.

For faculty members and students interested in undertaking research, please contact the college director regarding the following research issues:

  • Submission of research proposals
  • Identifying sources of research funding, both inside and outside the college
  • Participation in, and initiation of, major inter-disciplinary research programs
  • Education to prepare investigators for funding strategies and proposal preparation
  • Clearance for research competitions that limit the number of proposals submitted
  • Complaints pertaining to research misconduct

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 13th, 2018 - Extractive Sector Career Talk
  • Jan 27th, 2018 - Student-Athlete Day