Mining & Geosciences

Though Kenya has not been regarded as a mining destination, recent developments in Oil and Gas, minerals such as Titanium, Gold, Coal, Copper as well as other natural resources are beginning to get focus. This is driven by the fact that the demand for minerals is higher today than ever before, and it continues to increase as nations strive to improve standards of living.

Keiway Mining and Technology College recognizes the need for training mining professionals of all levels to fill the many vacant jobs emerging as the mining industry in Kenya matures. The college being one of the handful colleges in the region offering mining related courses aims to train mining professionals to apply knowledge of pertinent scientific theory, engineering fundamentals, and improved technology to recover natural resources while safe-guarding our environment.

Our primary goal is to work in collaboration with Mining Ministries in mining-rich counties in Kenya, as well as partnering with leading mining institutions interested in developing this industry in the region. The College is well positioned to become the leading mining and geophysics technical college in the region. Our mining, mechanical and technology engineers are currently deployed in Australia, Japan and USA to soak up mining knowledge to aid the mining industry in Kenya. We are openly inviting interested stake holders in both the private and public sectors in the mining industry in Kenya to join us in this ambitious endeavor.

Petroleum, Oil & Gas

  • Diploma in Petroleum Geoscience (KNEC)
  • Diploma in Petroleum Management (KNEC)
  • Diploma in Petroleum Operations (CITY & GUILDS)
  • Certificate in Petroleum GeoScience (KNEC)
  • Certificate Petroleum Operations (CITY & GUILDS)

Mining & Metal Technology

  • Diploma in Metal Production (CITY & GUILDS)
  • Diploma in Minerals Resource Processing Technology
  • Certificate in Minerals Resource Processing Technology
  • Certificate in Metal Production (CITY & GUILDS)

Occupational Safety

  • Certificate in Oil & Gas Safety & Health (NEBOSH-UK)
  • Certificate in Mining Safety & Health

Important Upcoming Deadlines

  • Feb 16th, 2018 - Last Date to Enroll for January Intake
  • Feb 26th, 2018 - Start of 1st Trimester Mid-Term Exams
  • Mar 29th, 2018 - Last Day of Term 1 Classes