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Director's Message

Samuel Kibiri
Samuel K. Kibiri
Director & Founder

Welcome to KeiWay!

Our journey begun with a handful of adventurous students, faculty, staff, some trusting parents, guardians, and sponsors and “a dream of something that could be in 2012. We have not looked back since!

We look at what we have accomplished in the last five (5) years and cannot help but marvel at what a human mind can accomplish when committed to an idea! We have had our share of tribulations, been heckled by doubters, ridiculed by those who could not see our vision, and at times forced to defend ourselves from distractors. But we continue standing firm, believing, and working to achieve our goals. Every trial, doubt, ridicule, and distraction has been the fuel that has seen as march towards our success. Our results at Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) in Diploma and Certificate programs in ICT, human capacity building (HRM),  Mining, Oil & Gas,technology advancement are testament to what we can accomplish.

We have solicited (and gratefully received) support from parents, guardians, sponsors, and well-wishers. Our students, (sons and daughters) have withstood our growing pains, stood firm with us, believing in what we are trying to accomplish, going out of their way to become part of the solution, even as at times we have stumbled. You all are our motivation! Our renewed commitment with international donors and supporters affirms our faith in

Drew Faust, Harvard University President said it best: "People make an institution great!" Whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, graduate, parent, neighbor, or visitor, your support and enthusiasm is valued and much appreciated!

We have indeed seen and are humbled by an impressive soldering on of every member of our community from the students, their parents and guardians, faculty, staff and administrators.

For those of you still on the fence about us but looking for an institution with a proven track record of success for those willing to sacrifice and work hard, come come join us. Be proud to become a building block of one of the best performing institutions in Mining, Oil & Gas technical colleges in the country! Our Mining, Oil and Gas of Center of Excellence has opened in Kahawa West, Nairobi. Come join us and learn more!

Samuel K. Kibiri
Director & Founder
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Phone: +1.515.707.6810 (USA)
+254.717.722.503 (Kenya)





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